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Medical Laboratory Science




1000 EGP

50 Hours

1 Month

Training Details

Program Description 

Medical Laboratory Technology is a branch of science that deals with the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases using clinical laboratory tests. This involves analysis of the body fluids, including tissues and blood. Medical Laboratory professionals play an important role in the diagnosis of the diseases and providing the best care and treatment available for them.

During the program, trainees will learn how to detect and diagnose various kinds of diseases and health problems with the help of medical laboratory equipment in performing clinical tests. Also, they will acquire knowledge about the collection and sampling of important data, testing, documentation, and reporting for the same.

Program Structure

• • Hematology Laboratory • • 

This section is designed to allow trainees to deal with testing blood samples for diagnosis purposes. It includes learning to count red and white blood cells and platelets. The differences between a normal blood cell and an abnormal cell are examined.

• • Chemistry Laboratory • • 

This section is designed to allow trainees to detect and quantify different compounds in blood and urine, the most commonly tested specimens in clinical chemistry. They will be familiarize with the chemicals and chemical formulas used in lab test preparation and in test result analysis.

• • Microbiology Laboratory • • 

This section is designed to allow trainees to identify and handle microscopic organisms, perform culture and biochemical inoculation, describe and perform basic antimicrobial testing and interpret a microbiology report correctly.

• • Molecular Biology Laboratory • •

This section is designed to allow trainees to learn how to detect and identify different types of viruses/bacteria by using the most common modern molecular biology methods that are used recently to improve the sensitivity, specificity, and turn-around time in the clinical laboratory.



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