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CEB Serving Labs

CEB Laboratories are proud to be the local laboratories that provide the Egyptian researchers with the latest technology for genomics and molecular biology.


Our Services

Once you decided to integrate genomics / molecular biology technologies in your experiment, CEB Laboratory Services’ fully-equipped testing facility is ready to perform a full complement of molecular biology/genomics services in a prompt, timely, and cost-effective manner.

Molecular Services

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Real-Time PCR

Absolute quantification by qPCR offers an accurate way to determine the precise copy number of a target nucleic acid molecules within a sample

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PCR Services

The polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is a method widely used to rapidly make millions to billions of copies (complete or partial) of a specific DNA sample, allowing scientists to take a very small sample of DNA and amplify it (or a part of it) to a large enough amount to study in detail

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Nucleic Acid Extraction

We offer a high-quality nucleic acid extraction (DNA/RNA) service to complement our range of well-established genomic services

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Nucleic Acid Quantification

Nanodrop microvolume technology employs a sample retention system that relies on the surface tension properties of the sample being measured to form a liquid column

Animal Cell Culture Services

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Animal Cell Culture

Available Cell Lines

Cancer Cell Lines

Colon (HCT-116, CaCo2, SW620, LS-513) 

Lung (A-549) | Bone (MG-63) 

Liver (HepG2) | Skin (A375) 

Breast (MCF7, T47D, MDA MB231)

  Prostate ( PC3 )  | Ovarian ( SKOV-3 ) 

  Leukemia ( THP-1, NB4 ) 

Normal Cell Lines

Vero - HFB

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Animal Cell Culture


Cryopreservation is a process that preserves organelles, cells, tissues, or any other biological constructs by cooling the samples to very low temperatures

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Animal Cell Culture

Flow Cytometric

  • Cell Cycle

  • Apoptosis

  • Autophagy

  • CD Markers

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Animal Cell Culture

Determination of Cytotoxicity

The MTT assay is used to measure cellular metabolic activity as an indicator of cell viability, proliferation, and cytotoxicity

Biomarkers Services

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Oxidative Marker

  • Nitric Oxide (NO)

  • Malondialdehyde (MDA)

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Other Markers

  • Caspase-3

  • Bcl-2

  • BAX

  • P53

  • CD3

  • CD4

  • CD8

  • NF-KB

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Chemokines & Markers of Inflammation

  • TNF - α

  • IL- 1β

  • IFN - γ

  • IL - 2

  • IL - 6

  • IL - 10

  • hs - CRP

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Growth Factors

  • BDNF

  • NT-3

  • VEGF-A

  • TGF-β

  • EGF

  • NGF

  • IGF


Our serving labs are different ! 

We’re exploring what’s next in Genomics / Molecular Biology by creating comprehensive, high quality laboratory services, scientific consultation by experts in the field of molecular biology and Biotechnology. This mission is supported by innovative research plan and incorporation of recent advanced techniques, qualified customer service and continuous quality improvement.

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