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Research: Publications and Beyond

Scientific Research is a Systematic, Planned, and Multiple-step Process that uses Previously Discovered Facts to Advance Knowledge that Does not Exist in the Literature.
All Scientific Investigations Start with a Specific Research Question and the Formulation of a Hypothesis to Answer this Question. The Next Step is Testing the Hypothesis Using a Scientific Method to Approve or Disapprove it.

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Research Projects Need Hard Work and an Integrated Process of Research, Even the Most Talented Research Professionals Struggle with Getting Their Work Done, Funding, Designing Experiment and Analyzing your Results in a High Quality Format
Pursuing Publications in top High Impact Scientific Journals Always Seems Tough on the Researchers. 
Research: Publications and Beyond is Aiming to Help you Solve all These Problems. We Combine a Team of Professors, Researchers and Publication Experts to Engage with you Into the Research Community and Help you Achieve your Scientific Goals.




Theoretical 2

Project 2

Review Article


Theoretical 1

Project 1

Project 3


Accepted Candidates

Maryam Mahmoud (Research Publication and Beyond).png
Aya Eid (Research Publication and Beyond).png
Bassam Adel (Research Publication and Beyond).png
Huda Hamed (Research Publication and Beyond.png
May Ahmed (Research Publication and Beyond ).png
Mostafa Hossam (Research Publication and Beyond).png
Radwa Abd el Mgeed (Research Publication and beyond).png

Maryam Mahmoud 

Aya Eid

Bassam Adel 

Huda Hamed

May Ahmed

Mostafa Hossam

Radwa Abd El Mgeed

Salma Adel (Research Publication and Beyond).png

Samaa Adel

Yasmine Qoytb (Research Publication and Beyond).png
Rahma Azaam (Research Publication and Beyond).png
Mohamed Mostafa (Research Publication and Beyond).png
Vanessa Fadi Akoum (Research Publication and Beyond).png
Tasnim Alhilaly (Research Publication and Beyond).png

Yasmine Qoytb

Rahma Azaam

Mohamed Mostafa

Vanessa Fadi

Tasnim Alhilaly


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