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Graduation Project Program

Graduation projects are considered as the projects that challenge students to apply and implement their knowledge about what is learned throughout the years of college. These projects are considered your final gate to the real world, preparing you for the future in your field of interest.

For graduation projects at CEB, the company acts as the host and supervisor for graduation projects:

  • Personalizing the project experience from scratch, where the students are given a variety of projects to choose from depending on their fields of interest

  • Giving the students full access to its facilities and equipment for the purpose of completing their projects.

  • Following up with the students in every step of the project throughout the practical and theoretical parts.

  • Extra training and practical work are provided depending on your need

  • Thesis consultations and Data Interpretation

  • Presentation Skills 

  • Preparing the students to discuss their projects in a professional way.

We at CEB are with you through it all. The Graduation project committee will help you from the start of your project until your discussion day.

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Cancer Biology - Microbial - Genetics - Molecular Biology

2021 Projects

At CEB, we always tend to make you live the research experience from the idea creation until your thesis writing and discussion day. In our projects, we always aim to focus on what's new in the field and always aim to find potential treatments for diseases. We have harnessed the potentiality of medicinal plants and natural products and tried to use it in a variety of ways either In vivo, In vitro or even using nanotechnology. We not only focus on medical applications but also have included plant pathogens and plant biodiversity in our consideration. We have had treatments for cancer, diabetes, antibiotic resistance, and a lot more. Every semester is a new challenge to us and we hope you join us to win the challenge; combining our minds and practical skills with your creativity and ability to learn.

Science Lab