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Transforming the lives and meeting the needs of the Egyptian community through creative solutions using the power of Biotechnology.

To be a leading Biotechnology Company in Egypt and the most trusted provider of all bio-related services. By providing high quality, affordable and innovative solutions.

We were granted ISO 9001:2015 certificate.

Since December 2023, we have had ISO 9001:2015 certificate proving our capabilities to ensure high-quality biotech services we offer. Our unique management system is constantly being developed and improved to ensure the highest quality of customer service.

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In its 10 years of services, this company has had as its principal mission increasing access to researchers and students to provide the support needed for them to fulfil the market needs, complete their research projects and fund the promising ideas.

We work from an extensive suite of laboratories in different fields of biotechnology and use a wide range of techniques to offer special lab services and provide our customers with costume made lab reagents and products 

Our Team

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