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Other Services

Research Hosting / Graduation Projects

To act as the host or a partner for research proposals and graduation projects, CEB research unit:

  • Gives students / researchers the full access to its facilities and equipments for the purpose of completing their projects.

  • Provides the highest quality of services and resources to students / researchers that simulate research, innovation & discoveries.

  • Creates integrated services, transparent research administration, infrastructure, and streamlined processes .

  • Strategically invests in promising research and researchers .

  • Broadens awareness of the value of Biotechnology research in Egypt.

  • Develops strong relationships with sponsors.

  • Promotes responsible research practices in alignment with ethical principles and compliance regulations.

Thesis Writing Service

Our experienced dissertation writers are ready to help you in writing a thesis or a dissertation from A to Z. Let us know the instructions, set the deadline, and you will receive excellent dissertation writing help just the way you asked for it within the estimated time frame.


Thesis writing help will be provided by a professional, experienced team.
Papers will adhere to all relevant academic writing standards.                              We are Cheap and Reliable.

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Experimental Design Consulting

Our consultants are ready and able to work with you in designing both quantitative and qualitative research studies. Effective research design services are essential to address your research questions accurately. Our team has wide range of experience and expertise to develop various forms of research study based on the objectives. 

Group A

Group B

Group C

Group D

  • Sunday 3 PM

  • Monday 1 PM

  • Sunday 3 PM

  • Monday 1 PM

  • Sunday 3 PM

  • Monday 1 PM

  • Sunday 3 PM

  • Monday 1 PM

For The Second Time... SOLE 2024 will be hosted at Helwan University. "Art & Culture Building"

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Whole Genome - Whole Exome - Targeted Sequencing - metagenomics


PCR / qPCR Services

Reverse transcription - gene selection - pathogen detection - assay design/validation 


Gene Expression

SYBR Green / Probe-based qPCR assays - Fold Change Calculations - Interpretation



Data QC - Data Filter and pre-procession - Secondary analysis - Alignment - Annotations


Molecular Markers

ISSR - SRAP - SCot - RAPD - Zero/One Scoring - Phylogenetic tree ( Dendrogram )


Other Services

DNA/RNA extraction and quantification - oligonucleotide synthesis - Bench fees

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