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Cancer Cytogenetics & Chromosomal Abnormalities




400 EGP

16 Hours

4 Days

Training Details

Course Description

The training will focus on human chromosome structure, methodology, and techniques for the visualization of chromosome aberrations. Also, methods used to identify and analyse individual cytogenetic alterations: banding and nomenclature of banding, Pathology of human chromosomes: nomenclature of aberrant karyotypes; Common syndromes due to numerical chromosome changes; Common syndromes due to structural alterations translocations, duplications, deletions, microdeletion, fragile sites; Common chromosome abnormalities in cancer.

Lab work includes cell culture and chromosome preparation, hands on karyotyping of human chromosomes and Fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH).


Course Structure

  • Demonstrate an advanced knowledge about human cytogenetics and human disease;

  • Perform human cell culture, chromosome preparations, karyotyping and FISH analysis of human chromosomes;

  • Diagnose and interpret pathology of human chromosomes

  • (chromosome aberrations, trisomy, rearrangements etc.);

  • Understand and investigate the cause and effect of chromosome abnormalities and associated human diseases; and

  • Demonstrate a professional knowledge of the cytogenetic disorders and clinical diagnosis

The Training Fees for Graduates is 1000 L.E



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