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CEB Research School

Program Overview

In today’s competitive global market, you need more than a strong academic qualification to achieve your potential as a graduate.​ Students Research School aims to help prepare, motivate, encourage, and support students who wish to learn more about the research and improve their knowledge in Biotechnology Fields. Serving the undergraduate student population at large, the program invests in support activities that impact students’ academic growth through research experiences both within and outside the curriculum

Program Features


Research Experience

  • Full-time Laboratory Based Research​

  • Research Projects Opportunities​​

  • Weekly Theoretical Lectures & Practical Labs​​

  • Experimental Designs, Data Analysis Methods


Personal Development

  • Interview​

  • CV Writing​

  • Presentation Skills​

  • Scholarships​

  • Scientific Writing​​


Social Events

  • Fun Day​

  • Dish Party​

  • Competition Day​

  • Scientific Trip​

  • Ceremony

Available Schools

2021 School

2022 School


Thank you for your interest in CEB Student Research School which is one of the premier undergraduate research programs in Egypt. Due to the number of applications, we receive for the school we need to ensure that everyone applying fulfils the eligibility criteria.


Requirements For Apply

Outstanding undergraduate students considering the Student Research School must meet the following criteria:

  • A student from the Faculty of Science, Agriculture, Medicine, and Pharmacy.

  • Good Scientific Background (Biotechnology preferred).

  • Completed at least 2 years of University study.

  • Fresh graduates will not be considered.

  • In rare instances, students in the 2nd year with strong Biotechnology Science and/or research backgrounds may be considered.

  • Good Academic Record.

  • Good Level in English.

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