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Who We Are - Our Beginnings

Over the years, we always try to identify the gap between what Biotechnology students / researchers needed and what CEB could accomplish. CEB ''Creative Egyptian Biotechnologists'' company is dedicated to transforming the lives and meet the needs of the Egyptian community through creative solutions using the power of Biotechnology. We are aiming to be a leading Biotechnology research and academic center in Egypt and Middle East and to become the most trusted provider of all possible Biotech services by providing high quality, affordable and innovative solutions in this field.

Taking the First Steps

" Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail." – Ralph Emerson


In 2014 CEB was founded as a small office that only organized and coordinated courses and workshops hosted by Institutes and organized small scientific events to increase awareness about Biotechnology. In cooperation with Ministry of Youth we launched the first season of SOLE, the national Biotechnology competition in which students from different universities all over Egypt compete by testing their knowledge about different fields of Biotechnology.

In 2016 we established our own laboratory containing basic molecular biology equipment offering practical trainings in this field.  


In 2018 CEB expands with establishing another molecular biology lab with advanced equipment and techniques offering more scientific services.

In 2019 CEB starts to act as the host or a partner for research proposals and graduation projects by giving students / researchers the full access to its facilities and equipment for the purpose of completing their projects.


In 2020 CEB expands by establishing new labs in different fields of Biotechnology and launches research programs through providing the highest quality of services and resources to students / researchers that simulate research, innovation & discoveries.

With years of hard work, CEB have trained thousands of students and graduates, hosted more than 30 research projects in different fields of Biotechnology, completed more than 700 customer orders as laboratory services and organized seven seasons of the annual Biotechnology competition SOLE 

What We Do - Our Services

(I) Research:

Our lab gives students / researchers the full access to its facilities and equipments for the purpose of completing their projects and providing the highest quality of services and resources to students or  researchers that simulate research, innovation and discoveries.

(II) Trainings:

We provide trainings with high quality of information and resources that can help the trainee to get the real knowledge needed to be creative and successful biotechnologist.

(III) Scientific Events:
We create pioneer & leading scientific events that provide meaningful platforms for the renowned scientists, researchers, students, & institutions to enhance the cornucopia of knowledge In different fields of biotechnology.

(IV) Analytical Services:

Our labs provide materials testing services for a broad range of clients, markets and industries in the field of Biotechnology and the other related fields. The analytical services laboratories are staffed by trained biologists, technicians and laboratory management with years of knowledge and expertise. When needed, we have a group of labs and universities with which we consult and contract to perform specialized tests and allow our clients to access research grade instrumentation. We ensure that our client obtains what they need from these third party labs and our team has the expertise to know when these specialized analyses are needed and to oversee their execution.

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Our Team.

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