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Applied Science

Through the research-focused program, participants will develop their skills in planning and carrying out their own experiments, approaching scientific problems experimentally across molecular biology and biotechnology, and putting their new laboratory techniques into practice to solve these problems. 

Meet Market Needs

All the modules are designed to be in a definite connection between the skills and aptitude of the BIP graduates and the needs of biotechnology market in Egypt, this includes the required laboratory experience , scientific background and soft skills.


Innovative Assessment

Assessment methods vary widely to suit the nature of the module and each level of study. These include:
- Written exams ( multiple choice or essay-based ).
- Oral and written presentations.
- Experimental reports and/or short written assignments. 

Experience Transfer

Alongside the laboratory training, participants will develop the skills and knowledge they need to be qualified biotechnologists from meeting experts from leading universities & research centers in Egypt.

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