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Biotech Inclusive Program ( BIP )

This 12-month program is designed to develop your confidence and independence to become a reliable researcher or investigator in biotechnology. Through research-focused training, you'll develop your skills in planning and carrying out your own experiments, approaching scientific problems experimentally across molecular biology and biotechnology, and putting your new laboratory techniques into practice to solve these problems. 

You will learn about genes, genome analysis, chromosome abnormalities, proteins, cell culture, and microbiology, giving you a range of theoretical knowledge and practical lab skills. You will find out how this has helped us to begin to understand the molecular basis of illnesses and use genetic manipulation in biotechnology to make valuable products.

Alongside your laboratory training, you'll develop the skills and knowledge you need to be a professional biotechnologist from meeting experts from leading universities & research centers in Egypt. 


The program is comprised of core modules which are designed to give you an excellent basis on which to build your future studies and develop your interests. You will also spend time on independent study, consolidating information from lectures and practicals. You will take modules designed to develop more generic scientific and transferable skills. Some modules focus on specific scientific techniques, while others develop skills in problem solving, experimental design and data analysis.

Teaching and learning

You will benefit from a wide range of teaching and learning methods that suit the content and aims of each course unit. These range from lectures and tutorials to laboratories and case studies.

Assessment methods

Assessment methods vary widely to suit the nature of the course unit and each level of study. These will include:
- Written exams ( multiple choice or essay-based ).
- Oral and written presentations.
- Experimental reports and/or short written assignments. 

Learning facilities

Our modern teaching labs are equipped for a range of biological and biomedical techniques to provide the highest quality of services and resources to you.

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