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Science Operation
Leaders in Egypt


Science Operation Leaders in Egypt - Season Eight

SOLE is a special national Biotechnology competition in which students from different universities all over Egypt compete by testing their  knowledge about different fields of Biotechnology. Six seasons were held starting at 2014.  The main aim of SOLE  is to motivate the students to increase their knowledge about Biotechnology and try to improve their skills. SOLE also aims to create constant gathering for the Professors & students from the different universities that have Biotechnology field as a faculty, department, or program. SOLE consists of four competitions;  Scientific Debates, Presentation Skills, Scientific Projects and Case Study Analysis.

Date & Venue

Friday 17th February 2023, at the Conference Center of Nile University


(I) Scientific Debates 

- This type of competition is designed to test the information and knowledge of the students about the different fields of Biotechnology & Molecular Biology.
- Six questions '' choices " for each team in each round.
- The difficulty of the questions will increase gradually.
- The winner team is the one who will answer many questions & collect high points. 
- Each team consists of 5 students from each university.

(Il) Presentation Skills

- This section is designed to measure the presentation skills of students and their ability to search for the information and how to present in a simple way.
- The duration of each presentation is only 5 minutes.
- This type consists of two rounds with same topics: 
* The first round will be about
COVID-19 & Medical Biotechnology.
* The second round will be about
Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria
- 1 student from each university can participate in each round. 

(Ill) Poster Session

- This session aims to give the participating students from different universities the opportunity to present their projects and researches result in different fields of Biotechnology.
- Each university will present two project as a poster.
- The session will be for 1 hour.
- Practical projects will be preferred for the judgment committee.

(IV) Case Study Analysis

This type is designed to measure the ability of students to apply the science on many case studies related to all Biotechnology fields. In this competition:
- Each university can participate with a team of 4 students.
- Each team will pass through more than one case study.
- Each case study will take maximum 15 minutes.
- Accuracy of answers will be the only key to win each round.


(V) Stay Tuned !!!


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