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Production of Virus-like Particles for Vaccine Development using Recombinant Insect Cells


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Dr. Wael ElMenofy

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Shahenda Abbas

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Asmaa Mahmoud

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Aya Ahmed Aly

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Virus-like particles (VLPs) are hollow nanoparticles composed of recombinant viral surface proteins without a virus genome. In this suggested proposal, the production of VLPs of the target virus to be use as safe and effective vaccines and diagnostic antigens using recombinant insect cells will be investigated.


The team is working on producing a chimeric vaccine between two types of viruses. They are currently in the late literature review phase, where they are just waiting for final confirmations to begin their wet lab procedures.

June 2021: The Researchers are performing Viral RNA Extraction.

During the time course of July to September several attempts of transformations were done. Firstly cloning of pUC 19 to confirm the efficiency of competent cells before cloning the team's actual vector.

Still waiting for the extraction from the other type of virus.

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