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Revealing the molecular mechanisms underlying mycotoxins genotoxicity: A New approach for occupational risk assessment of mold contamination


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Dr. Ebtesam Abdel-Rashid

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Dr. Sara El-Tanany


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Aliaa Abdelfatah

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Sara Anber

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Nadine Abdelnasser

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Habiba Abden


This project aims to estimate the fungal burden in bakeries and mills environment through identification the most frequent fungal species and related mycotoxins in workplace. Using in-vitro model, this study plan to investigate how mycotoxins could potentially modulate cellular homeostasis and alter different biological processes and also evaluate the efficacy of some mycotoxins detoxifying agents.


- July 2021: Discussing the project outline, Flow of work and collecting their first samples

-During the 2 month of September and October the team had implicated in culturing pure fungus species from Baking environment using different culture media that will help in organism Molecular and Morphology identification under microscope. Samples were collected from different sources and different areas in the bakery shop.

-Results are Marvelous for the team during the month of November, more than 1 pure fungus was isolated and is now ready for sequencing

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