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Expression of Antimicrobial Proteins by using Recombinant Baculovirus in Sf9 Cells as well as CLW, Purification and Characterization


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Dr. Wael ElMenofy

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Ahmed Osama

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Youssef Nassar

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Aya Selem

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The main aim of the project is to express an antimicrobial protein in insect cell line (Sf9) using the Baculovirus expression system. In addition to it's purification and determination of the antimicrobial activity.

A wide Variety of Molecular Biology techniques will be used


May 2021; The project is in the preparatory phase, where the researchers are discussing their findings with their supervisor.

During the time course of June and July the researchers were preparing their experimental design and waiting for the reagents to arrive
- Whereas now, competent cells of DH10B were prepared chemically and PuC19 plasmid was transformed to measure the efficiency of the competent cells. Further experimentations are in the making to extract DNA from the gut of the Spodoptera worm.

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