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CRISPR-cas Characterization in Multiple Drug Resistant Gm -ve bacilli


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Dr. Reem Mostafa

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Mahmoud Baraka

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Salma Ismail

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George Nabil

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The project aims to identify the CRISPR-cas genes in Egyptian patients infected by Gm -ve bacteria


Starting the project at August 2020, was a crucial time for the project to begin where Covid-19 lockdown has just ended, but this didn't stop the 3 researchers; Salma, Mahmoud and George from pursing their goal of starting a research project and having their own publication.

After several literature reviewing and brainstorming sessions that took almost one month, Experimental design was put and the Practical work began. Samples were collected from El-Asr Eleini Hospital where patients treated at the ICU had open wounds. Bacterial infection is a serious illness that needs to be monitored carefully to keep away any possible side effects. Samples were brought to CEB laboratories where they were isolated and subjected to microbiological identification using MacConkey Agar media. DNA extraction for the samples was done using the boiling method. PCR was done to detect four major genes that are related to crispr-cas9.

After finishing all the practical work, with promising results the researchers are now putting the final touches and writing their proposed paper.

Let's All wish them good luck.

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