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Identification and Characterization of a Major Early-Transcribed Gene of Spodoptera Littoralis Granuolovirus using the Baculovirus Expression System


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Dr. Wael ElMenofy

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Yomna Mohamed Farid

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AbdulAziz Faisal Sadik

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Walied Mohamed ElShenawy

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Lina Mohamed Ismail


The main aim of the project is the identification and molecular characterization of an early transcribed gene (me-53) of the cotton leafworm Spodoptera littoralis granuolovirus, which has a major role in virus life cycle.


During the first three months the team have been reading literature about the Baculovirus expression system and the Spodoptera Littoralis.
Depending on the data found on NCBI, Primers were designed for synthesis.

The team started their practical work. DNA Extraction was done and further confirmation by gel electrophoresis to check the fragment size.
Firstly, cloning of pUC19 plasmid was done to test the efficiency of DH10B competent cells and once confirmed, Cloning of pFASTBac plasmid is now being performed.
Meanwhile, PCR is being prepared to amplify the insert for further

-In December 2021, Me-53 gene was amplified using specific primers and was cloned in pFastBac plasmid

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