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Preparation and characterization of chitosan nanoparticles loaded with bee venom to evaluate their efficiency on liver cancer cell line (HepG2).


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Dr. Ahmed Sadek

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Radwa Rashad

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Hoda Mansour

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Norhan Sabri

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Hagar Lokman


This project aims to test and characterize the effectiveness of loading chitosan nanoparticles with bees’ venom, where both are proposed to show cytotoxicity against cancer cells whereas being safe to normal cells. Using Flowcytometry cell death will be detect whether it's apoptotic cell death or affecting the cell cycle arrest. Various Molecular and cell culture techniques will be used throughout the project.


During the month of February when the project first started, the active researchers started discussing their plan of work and experimental design based on their literature search. They first started by getting into the field of nanotechnology and its applications, what does characterization means and types of nanomaterials. They had a great start and have came with a lot of ideas and suggestions.

March was a perfect month for the team, they got to know each other better, have regular meetings and getting familiar with the second part the project which is the BEE VENOM. Lots of debates and controversies were established on the venom and its applications and yielded a lot of beneficial data.

During the Month of Ramadan April 2022; The researchers are practicing cell culture and its technicalities in order to start their MTT and tests soon after EID vacations.

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