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Molecular Cloning & Expression




1000 EGP

16 Hours

4 Days

Training Details

Course Description 

Molecular biology methods are used extensively in modern day drug discovery, research and development, and diagnostics. This hands-on training course is intended for participants with some scientific background who are seeking basic and advanced-level molecular biology training to participate in molecular biology-related and biotechnological research, supervision, scale-up or manufacturing, other technical operations, or basic/applied research. 

Researchers can use clones in many ways. They often clone genes in order to study and better understand them. Molecular cloning provides scientists with an essentially unlimited quantity of any individual DNA segments derived from any genome. This material can be used for a wide range of purposes, including those in both basic and applied biological science such as: Production of recombinant proteins, Gene therapy, gene expression and more .

This course provides hands-on training in best practices in the standard molecular biology techniques performed in biomanufacturing, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology laboratories. Participants will acquire and demonstrate industry-standard knowledge and skills in bacterial cloning, genomic and plasmid DNA isolation, PCR, restriction digest, gel electrophoresis, and recombinant construct ligation, as well as experimental bioinformatical design and execution.

Laboratory Work

  • Basics of molecular cloning and therapeutic protein expression 

  • Gene of interest, vector and host determination

  • Cloning approaches i.e TA cloning, PCR and Restriction digestion approach

  • Different types of Cloning and Expression plasmids

  • ORF and Codon usage optimization

  • Recombinant Expression plasmid construction  

  • Experimental bioinformatical design and execution.

  • Different Cloning and Expression bacterial systems

  • Competent bacterial cell preparation

  • Bacterial transformation

  • Screening and selection

  • Seed bank colony identification



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