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Industrial Microbiology Production




650 EGP

16 Hours

4 Days

Training Details

Course Description

Industrial microbiology uses different microorganisms, such as naturally occurring organisms, laboratory selected mutants, or even genetically modified organisms, to produce a very large variety of industrial products for human interest. It is a branch of applied microbiology in which

microorganisms are used for the production of important substances, such as antibiotics, food products, enzymes, amino acids, vaccines, and fine chemicals.

The aim of this course is Demonstrate Production of an enzymes, Alcohol and understanding the processes of the production from Isolation to production. In addition, Knowing the kinetics factors of the fermentation process.

On the other hand, the students will have the ability to study how to isolate, purify, and produce some products such as enzymes, ex: amylase, Invertase, other products such as citric acid and ethanol. Additionally, study how to calculate the fermentation kinetics to compare between a different microorganism in production process.

Course Structure

  • What is Industrial Microorganism?!

  • Understanding the processes of the production of many enzymes.

  • Study the Integration of Amylase production.

  • Investigate the phases of Casease Production.

  • Acquire knowledge of Production of ethanol

  • Understand and investigate the Calculations of fermentation kinetics



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