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Seniors Program

We help you choose your right career by making simulation to different job opportunities from A to Z and also provide you with transferable skills that will enhance your employability after graduation

Graduates Problems

A slow response to the large-scale shifts in society over the past year risks depriving another generation of an education that meets the needs of the changing labour market as well as responding to the evolving political system. The mismatch between the outputs of the education system and the needs of the job market is one of the key reasons behind the persistently high level of unemployment in Egypt.

Unemployment is particularly high among the under-25s and among university graduates, who typically take five years to find a job. Skills shortages remain a constraint on growth opportunities and on investment prospects. With greater investment in human capital, Egypt could take advantage of many more growth opportunities in high-skilled economic sectors.

CEB supports student ingenuity and creativity through innovative initiatives like Student Research School - SRS, Graduation Projects Program – GPP, and Biotechnology Inclusive Program – BIP and CEB Seniors Program

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Future Ready Graduates

CEB Seniors Program , offers a summarized suite of sessions, courses and workshops, to develop students’ skills and capabilities to be future-ready and equip them with a set of transferable skills that will enhance their employability after graduation and gain employment.

Quick Facts

* Price: 600 EGP             * Duration: 4 weeks

* Dates: Twice a week  ( Thursday & Friday )
* Start Date: 11 November 2021

Who is Eligible to Apply ?

* Undergraduates who have moderate to strong background in Molecular Biology, Genetics and Microbiology.

* Undergraduates who are completing their junior years( in rare instances, juniors with strong  science background and/or research backgrounds may be considered.

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Research Assistant

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Lab Specialist


Teaching Assistant

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"Discover your career aspirations, build your personal brand, Improve your technical skills and master highly desired workplace skills."


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