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The principal objective of the program is to provide the students with theoretical and practical knowledge and insight about the foundations of molecular biology and how this knowledge is useful in an applied context.


Program Structure

The field of molecular biology has a profound impact in life science investigation. The development of more and more sophisticated experimental techniques in molecular biology with broad, interdisciplinary applicability has stimulated research and progress in almost all the disciplines of life science. The rationality and approach of scientific experimentations have changed and allowing revolutionizing discoveries not only in molecular biology but also in biochemistry, biophysics, biotechnology, cell biology, and genetics. Researchers can choose suitable techniques based on their usefulness, objectives, and the financial and temporal resources available to them.

Through this program the trainees will build their scientific background in molecular biology techniques at different applications. Laboratory techniques like nucleic acid extraction, PCR, Real-Time PCR, and sequencing techniques are discussed in detail. The practical skills you'll gain through doing this exercise will enrich your current and future education in molecular biology.

1000 EGP

1 Week

Required Documents

  • Your University ID

Who Can Apply to this Program?

This Program is designed for students of all academic years at the faculty of Biotechnology MSA University.