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Molecular Docking and

Antiviral Compounds Online 

Course Structure

Molecular Virology

  •  Introduction to Viruses

  • Viruses- problem must be solved 

  • Viral Pathogenesis

  • Host Defenses against Viruses

  • Barrier Defenses

    • The Innate Defense System

    • The Adaptive Immune System

    • Viral Detection


Introduction to Computer Aided Drug Design

  • Databases for drug design

    • Zinc Database

    • Drug Bank


    • PubChem

  • Drawing Drug Structure

  • Drugs Likeness Properties (Theoretical and Practical)

Target audience

Students of biotechnology, chemistry, pharmacy, medicine and employees from governmental labs/ Institutes, Industries, pharmacies, Hospitals, Pathology and microbiology Laboratories.

Molecular Docking - (Practical)

  • Ligand Preparation

    • PubChem Database for 3D Structure 

    • Chem-Sketch Software for 3D Structure from Canonical SMILES

    • Open-Babel Software to Convert SDF or MOL to PDB Format

    • Autodock4 Software to Convert PDB to PDBQT Format

  • Protein Modelling

    • Protein Data Bank Database

    • Swiss-Model Server for Protein Modeling

  • Protein Preparation

    • Autodock 4 to Prepare Protein for Docking

    • Active Site Prediction

  • Final Docking

    • Autodock Vina Software

  • Analysis of Final Structure

    • Chimera Software


Cost: 650 EGP

Timing & Access


20 Hours


3 Days


CEB Academy, G1, Building no. 44 A, Dokki street, Giza


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