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Molecular Docking and Antiviral Compounds

Course Structure

1- Molecular virology refers to the study of viruses at the molecular level which involves the analysis of genes of viruses and study their interaction with host (human, plant or animal) cells.
2- Molecular virology facilitates study of the interactions of viruses with their host cells and the discovery of novel antiviral drugs
3- Molecular docking is a kind of bioinformatics modelling which involves the interaction of two or more molecules to give the stable complex.
4- Docking is a method which predicts the preferred orientation of one molecule to a second when bound to each other to form a stable complex.
5- Depending upon binding properties of ligand and target, it predicts the three-dimensional structure of any complete.


Target audience

Laboratory Work

Students of biotechnology, chemistry, pharmacy, medicine and employees from governmental labs/ Institutes, Industries, pharmacies, Hospitals, Pathology and microbiology Laboratories.

  • Primer design in silico work

  • Genomic extraction

  • C-DNA synthesis

  • PCR assay design

  • Real time PCR

  • Data analysis

  • Troubleshooting


Cost: 800 EGP


Timing & Access


20 Hours


3 Days


CEB Academy, G1, Building no. 44 A, Dokki street, Giza


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