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Future ready GRADUATES


This program offers extensive biotechnology training to tackle global needs in the area of life sciences thus enabling students to prepare for careers both in Egypt and internationally. It allows the students to have the ability to identify, analyze, assess, and handle complex phenomena, issues, and situations, even with limited information.


Program Structure

This training focus on tools used to analyse a variety of biological samples for life science research, as well as for health care applications within diagnostics and drug development. The students will be provided with in-depth knowledge in molecular biology techniques at different applications including mutation detection, monitoring patient response to drugs, studying the effect of newly discovered drugs at the molecular level, and the discovery of whole genomes.

This course will help you create a rock-solid foundation in Molecular Biology, enhance your practical knowledge & also to grab the Job quickly and make the process easier.

450 EGP

1 Week

Required Documents

  • Your University ID

Who Can Apply to this Program?

This Program is designed for students of all academic years at faculty of Biotechnology Helwan University.