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Biotech Mini Program ( BMP )

This 1 month program focuses on the fundamental principles of molecular biology techniques used for different applications. Students will learn about the principles of nucleic acid extraction from different sources, detection of specific genes on DNA, gene expression assessment and different methods used for detecting mutations. 

Through this program, trainees will develop their skills in planning and carrying out their own experiments, approaching scientific problems experimentally across molecular biology and biotechnology, and putting their new laboratory techniques into practice to solve these problems. Alongside their laboratory training, students will develop skills and knowledge they need for life after graduation.

Teaching and learning

You will benefit from a wide range of teaching and learning methods that suit the content and aims of each course unit. These range from lectures  to laboratories and case studies.


Learning facilities

Our modern teaching labs are equipped for a range of biological and biomedical techniques to provide the highest quality of services and resources to you.