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How to be a Qualified Biotechnologist


The program offers extensive biotechnology training to tackle global needs in the area of life sciences thus enabling students to prepare for careers both in Egypt and internationally.

Phase 1 - Structure

This training program consists of several modules to build more generic scientific and transferrable skills, this program is specially developed for anyone who intends to grow his or her confidence and independence to become a reliable researcher or investigator in biotechnology. 

  • Animal Cell Culture

  • Cytogenetics

  • Medical Analysis

  • Molecular Biology


900 EGP

3 Months

Phase 2 - Structure

The research activities conducted are multidisciplinary in nature, bringing together technology, biology and bioinformatics. The researchers are internationally recognized and many are world-leading, and conduct collaborative projects with leading international scientists as well as companies within the biotechnology private sector.

Through this program the trainees will build their scientific background in molecular biology techniques at different applications. They will also learn how to use computer software tools and relevant databases to visualize, examine, analyze, evaluate and validate structures and function of different biological data.

600 EGP

2 Months

Required Documents

  • Your University ID

Who Can Apply to this Program?

This Program is designed for students of all academic years at faculty of Agriculture Benha University.