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Animal Tissue Culture - Module (2)

Course Structure

Over the past few decades, major advances in the field of tissue culture technology, have led to enrich the biological information generated by researchers. Tissue culture techniques are most likely to become the core of modern research in countless fields of study. The Workshop will include theory as well as hands‐on lab exercises and hands‐on experiments theory sessions. Eminent speakers will cover the basics and recent applications of tissue culture in research and toxicology. Hands-on training will be introduced by highly respected professionals who have expertise in the field of tissue culture.

What course covers

Target audience

Target audience

• Quick update on latest techniques / developments
• Large scale production of cultured cells
• Specialized applications
• Stem cell cultures
• Primary cultures and its applications
• Trouble shooting and avoiding contamination
• Cytotoxicity
• Anti-tumor and anti-viral assay

This workshop is supposed to encourage young and professionals researchers in Biotechnology, Biology, Chemistry, Pharmaceuticals industry professionals, Medicine, finally; students and staff of various disciplines of life sciences.



• To acquaint participants with best theoretical as well as practical
knowledge in both basics and advanced techniques of tissue culture
including principles and applications of tissue culture, characterization of cell lines, tissue culture media, cryopreservation, demonstrations and hands‐on lab experiments , cell counting and viability determination, subculture of cell lines, development of growth curves, quick update on latest techniques / developments, large scale production of cultured cells, specialized applications, stem cell cultures, and primary cultures and its applications.

• To find exactly which combination of in vitro cell systems best predicts lethal doses of chemicals in human beings. Although many of the cell systems derive from animals, a human-oriented approach is possible. Indeed, introducing a workshop on the application of tissue culture in toxicology.

• Research explained how the problem of extrapolating data from animals to people could be bypassed with the use of human cell cultures, in effect allowing us "to carry out studies on our species directly.


Cost: 1400 EGP

Timing & Access


20 Hours


5 Days


CEB Academy, G1, Building no. 44 A, Dokki street, Giza


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