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Principles of Animal Tissue Culture


Course Structure

Cell culture is an important technique in both cellular and molecular biology given that it provides the best platform for studying the normal physiology and biochemistry of cells. A cell is the basic structural, functional and biological unit of all living things.

  • In order to understand an organism or given tissues, it is important to understand how its cells work.  This makes cell culture significantly important for vaccine development, screening (drugs etc.) and diagnosis of given diseases/conditions.


  • This course will also provide you with the basic information of Quality Control Considerations in Cell Culture, as The quality of materials used (cell lines, media and other reagents) will affect the quality of the cultures and the subsequent scientific data and products derived from them.

What course covers

  • Introduction of virology and hands-on cell culture techniques.

  • GLP and GMP practices.

  • Aseptic techniques of cell culture lab.

  • Investigation of different types of cell line.

  • Visualizing cells under inverted microscope.

  • Thawing and subculture of cell lines.

  • Counting and preservation of cell culture techniques.

  • Safety and validation of cell culture lab.


Target audience

This workshop is supposed to encourage young and professionals researchers in Biotechnology, Biology, Chemistry, Pharmaceuticals industry professionals, Medicine, finally; students and staff of various disciplines of life sciences.



Cost: 800 EGP

Timing & Access


20 Hours


4 Days


CEB Academy, G1, Building no. 44 A, Dokki street, Giza


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