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Ramadan Competition

A science-based Competition held in Ramadan between Biotechnology Students; yet they are having fun.

About Competitions

Junior Researcher Journey

First and Second Year Students

Are allowed to innovate a mini proposal to accomplish a certain mission related to a specific topic. There will be hints helping them along the competition and at the end they’ll be presenting their proposal that is judged by one of our best judges.

الباحث الصغير.png

Adventure in The Lab

Third and Fourth Year Students

Will be challenging each other in lab techniques inside the lab. Handling, troubleshooting and problem solving characteristics will be differentiating the winner group.
Winner groups from both competitions will be awarded special rewards from CEB.

مغامرة في المعمل.png
الباحث الصغير.png

Start Date:

10 April 2022

End Date:

30 April 2022



Yellow Team


Purple Team


Brown Team


Green Team


Blue Team

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